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In this article we will show you how to copy a database in phpMyAdmin.

To copy or duplicate a database, follow these steps:

1- First of all, access to phpMyAdmin through cPanel.

cpanel copy database

2- In phpMyAdmin click on “Databases” tab to view your all databases.

cpanel copy database

3- From the database list, select the database you want to copy.

cpanel copy database

4- When you entered the desired database, click on the “Operations” tab, as shown in the image below.

cpanel copy database

5- On the right side of the page, Look for section where it says: “copy database to”.

cpanel copy database

6- Enter a name for new database.

7- In the “Copy database to” section, you see a collection of radio buttons and checkboxes.

  • Structure and Data: If you want to copy both structure and data to new database, select “Structure and Data”.
  • Structure only: By choosing this option, you copy the columns but not the data.
  • Data Only: You select to copy the data but not the structure.
  • CREATE DATABASE before copying: check this box to create a new database.
  • Add AUTO_INCREAMENT value: Check this box too.

8- Click on the “Go” button to begin the process of building new database.

cpanel copy database


In the “Databases” tab, you will see that the new database is added to the database list.

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