How to attach a user to a database and assign privileges in cPanel? Print

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1- Login to your cPanel account.
2- Go to “Databases” section and click “MySQL Databases”.
3- Scroll down to reach “Add User To Database” section of the page.
4- Select a username from the User dropdown menu.
5- Select the database in which you want the user access, from the Database dropdown menu.
6- Click “Add” button.

cpanel user privileges

7- After clicking the “Add” button, you will be redirected to the user management page, where you are about to determine user access level to database.
8- Under “Manage User Privileges”, if you want to give high level access to user, check “All Privileges” box. Otherwise, depending on the type of access you want to grant the user, check the corresponding boxes.
9- Click “Make Changes” button.

cpanel user privileges

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