How can I search through a MySQL database using phpMyAdmin? Print

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First of all, we suppose you are logged in to cpanel and now have access to phpMyAdmin.
1- On the phpMyAdmin home page, by clicking the navigation tree in the left column of the page, locate the database in which you wish to search.

cpanel search database

2- Inside the database, click on “Search” tab at the top of the page.

cpanel search database

3- In the “Words and values to search for ” filed, enter the search terms you want to search for. You can enter more than one search word separated by comma.
4- At the bottom of the search word field, you will see a list of search options which show the way you want to search. The radio button list includes the following:

  • At list one of the words
  • All words
  • The exact phrase
  • As regular expression
5- In the “inside table” section, you can select one or more table to search. You can also easily search all tables by choosing “select all” link.
6- Click the “Go” button to start your search and view the results.

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