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Deleting process of a table is very sensitive because it may cause all programs that are dependent on the data in that table to be disabled. So before any attempting to remove the table, make sure it is not a destructive process.
To remove permanently a table with all its data and anything in it from a database using phpMyAdmin, follow the steps below:
1- Go to phpMyAdmin using cPanel.
2- On the phpMyAdmin home page, go to “Databases” tab to see list of all your databases.
3- Choose the database you want to work on.
4- Inside the database, you can see list of all the tables belonging to that database, while there is a list of operating buttons next to each table.
5- Select the table(s) you wish to drop.
6- If you want to delete only one table, you can easily click the “Drop” operation button next to the table, else expand drop down box that initially shows “With selected:” and then select “Drop” from the list.

cpanel drop table

7- A message appears that ask you if you are sure to delete the table(s). If you are really sure you want to drop (delete) the tables, click the “Yes” button. Now the selected tables have been deleted from the database.

cpanel drop table

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